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The “Dieci Champions Academy”  method is without any doubt the best professional soccer program applied to a non-professional team. This is because of our innovative drills and players’ management, which are the same as the ones used by the top soccer clubs. Our staff, which is made of coaches who are actually in charge of training programs for the most important clubs in the world, alongside with the soccer legends who collaborate with our Academy, has developed a one-of-a-kind training method followed by all our Academies around the world.  This guarantees the same quality in all our locations. All our local coaches were selected by our Italian staff and they completed the training with them until they became eligible to be “10 Academy Coaches”.  Plus in every location there is always at least one coach from our Italian Academy who supervises the activity of the local “10 Academy Coaches” on site. These coaches chose the “Dieci Champions Academy” to foster and build the champions of tomorrow, letting them live the same experience and drills of professional athletes they train. To achieve that, in addition to the regular practice in the field, our coaches manage our athletes with ITERPRO, the most advanced soccer software in the world, regularly used by top clubs and national teams around the globe. Plus, our training method also includes “futsal” drills and sessions, as it happens every day more and more frequently in the professional team’s training schedules. Many world’s top soccer players attribute the reason they are professionals today to their “exposure” to futsal in the early stages of their careers. 


ITERPRO: simply the world best soccer technology

With pride, our Academy is the only non-professional team to be part of the ITERPRO program. This program includes professional clubs and national teams from around the world. The ITERPRO FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE is a revolutionary team management platform that connects people, integrates data from every department, and turns them into actionable insights. Through the GPS devices our coaches can monitor training performances, and right after the physical workloads, the ITERPRO provides them immediate feedback on a player’s conditions. In this way they can custom adjust the training process, maximize  the player’s performances and mitigate injury risks. With an automatic data feed, the ITERPRO takes a player’s analysis to the next level, highlighting their physical condition, setting targets for the next practices, and picking up the most suitable drills for the training plan. Tracking the Academy’s players performances, their improvements and checking their state of fatigue, it also means preventing overtraining and mitigating the risk of injury. ITERPRO also lets the coaches share crucial insights with the players, allowing them to customize calendars and wellness monitoring to better plan future events and activities.


The importance of the “futsal” training program

Futsal is a great way to sharpen soccer skills quickly. The fast-paced and smaller play style forces focus on small-ball techniques that can greatly enhance a player’s performance in a traditional soccer game. Futsal is great for soccer development. Many of the problems that result in poor performance during a soccer game come from the lack of skill in small-ball situations. Small-ball situations in soccer involve ball control, tight offense or defense, quick thinking, and agility. Developing these essential skills will give players a huge advantage over the opponents, and it will help them to perform successfully against them. Futsal is definitely one of the most efficient ways to develop and sharpen these skills.It is a great developmental technique to take soccer skills to the next level. Small-ball techniques are important even in large scale situations, and having the skills to execute these correctly and rapidly will give a major advantage against opponents.

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