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Gianluigi Buffon is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeepers of all time. He is one of the few recorded players to have made over 1,100 professional career appearances. With 176 international caps, Buffon is the most capped player in the history of the Italy national team, the seventh-most capped footballer of all time. He was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players in 2004

The Academy

Born from the direct will of Gianluigi Buffon, legendary goalkeeper and captain of the Italian national team and Juventus, world champion in Germany in 2006. His desire for him is to make his experience and his passion available to all goalkeepers with the only desire to “return” what he has received from the world of sport.

“I never forget the child I was and the importance of my teachers. I like the idea of making my experience available to all those children who, starting from a pair of gloves and a door to turn their back on, will want to try to realize my dream”.

Gianluigi Buffon

“Buffon School – Las Vegas”

The “Buffon School – Las Vegas” is an exclusive goalkeeper’s school that belongs to the best goalkeeper of all time Gianluigi Buffon. It is the first and only place in the United States where keepers can learn the “Buffon Method”, the exclusive training program developed by Gianluigi Buffon himself. The School is led by the B1 coaches that are all Italian former professional goalkeepers and professional coaches selected, trained and continuously updated in Italy by the Buffon Academy. There are no better places where keepers can be trained in a professional way like it happens to the “Buffon Schools”. Goalkeepers are constantly monitored during the season and all sessions are recorded and sent to Italy to the “Buffon Academy” technical director and coaches manager in order to determine whether the training program is functioning as it was intended, highlighting goalkeepers improvements and weaknesses in order to plan the best training program for them. The School is open from Monday to Friday, all year long.

Exclusive Partnership

The quality and the high-end experience provided by the “Buffon Academy” to the young goalkeepers are the same values that our “10 Champions Academy” provides to our Champions everyday. That’s why our Academy is the proud exclusive licensee of the “Buffon Academy” for the “Buffon School” and the “Buffon Academy Keepers Camps” in the following states: Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Arizona and Texas. All the “Buffon Schools“ and the “Buffon Academy Keepers Camps” in these states are fully managed and operated by us. Both are open to boys and girls aged 6 and up  where a highly specialized technical course is carried out with the use of state-of-the-art equipment to optimize training. “Buffon Schools” and “Buffon Academy Keepers Camps” are led by coaches coming from overseas, selected and trained by the “Buffon Academy”. Our commitment is to offer young talents technical and tactical advantages to improve their skills. During these programs, we offer different experiences and activities to their parents in order to strengthen the family bond through sport. If you are interested to host a “Buffon Academy Keepers Camp”  CONTACT US.

The “Buffon Method”

“I’ve changed a lot since wearing the captain’s armband. Both in the national team and in Juventus. I understood at that very moment that I had to make myself more available to the group and begin to consider the “us” more important than the “Me”.”

This is the philosophy behind our proposal. Telling the world of football and the role of the goalkeeper through the eyes of a child who has turned into a man and with the heart of an athlete who was born a champion and grew up to the size of a legend.

Football, especially for children, is and should be considered a game. And in no way will our proposal ever forget this starting point. We, therefore, aim to convey with joy and enthusiasm the desire to play sports together with others and the passion for football. All with the support of highly qualified technical personnel trained on the Buffon Method which will have the specific purpose of improving the performance of each individual player. Both from a technical point of view and in terms of behavior in the field and the ability to relate to others.

For those who wish, we will also provide professional support related to the nutrition and psychophysical growth path of the young athlete.

Keepers Camps

Join the “Buffon Academy Keepers Camps” and take your skills as a goalkeeper to the next level. Train under the Buffon Method over the West Coast. Our programs are intensive training sessions where participants train under the “Buffon Method” with avant-garde materials and improve their skills on the field and they learn the academy’s cutting-edge technique under the guidance of B1 Coaches and train at a PRO level. In each session, participants will go from basic training to technical training, analyzing different fundamentals like the grip in different ways, jumping technique in didactic progression, aerial defense on lateral and frontal balls, footwork and reaction to different game situations. We use the best goalkeeper-specific sports equipment like the “Filippi Shield”, the “Filippi Push”, the Stealth deviator, the Reflexball, the Brix silhouette, the Ball Playning and the Ginga Wall. The “Buffon Academy Keepers Camps” are the ideal opportunity for goalkeepers to find out what it’s like to train with the same technique as their idol. With no fixed venue, the keeper camps travel to different locations around the West Coast. All registrations include the “Buffon Academy” training kits.

Age: +6 years old

The Keeper Battles

An authentic battle between goalkeepers on the pitch or on the sand, where the target is to protect the goal. Each goalkeeper challenges different opponents in short 1v1 matches.The player who scores more goals wins.

The Keeper Battles are fun challenges between two goalkeepers who face each other throwing or kicking the ball toward their rival’s goal. While one takes the penalty, the other defends their goal. In fast and dynamic matches the participants continually kick and save, expressing the goalkeeper’s full potential, in both its defensive and offensive role. Face other lovers of football and discover who the best goalkeeper is!

This proposal by Buffon Academy is playful in spirit and open to anyone who wants to put their goalkeeping skills to the test and have fun in a dynamic and unique tournament. Everyone can participate! Men and women, younger and older people, beginners and experts: the Keeper Battles are an excellent opportunity to dare to try the role of goalkeeper.

 Put your skills to the test and discover the great goalkeeper in you in the Keeper Battles.

Coaching Clinic

Do you want to learn the Buffon Method?

Find out how to join the Buffon Academy team and become a B1 Coach!

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