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Training Programs

First of all we have to say that we are not a soccer club. Our Academy offers unique programs that develop players both on and off the pitch, educating them through the professional experience of our coaches that will shape their progression into young adults and giving them skills that can be used throughout their careers. The goal of our Academy is to lead our kids through a totally new soccer method based on professional drills and training sessions experienced by our coaches that were professional soccer players or actual coaches in top clubs around the globe. This method gives the players a new vision and an improvement of their skills so they can contribute to their teams with more passion and a higher level of ability.
Every program is always tailor made for the single player and it can be scheduled and agreed with his club’s coach in order to prevent overtraining and to follow the season’s plans.


Nothing better in the world!

The “Dieci Champions Camp” is the only soccer camp in the world operated by players with such a palmares. They are our “Dieci Champions Coaches” and they have won at least one trophy out of the Fifa World Cup, the Uefa Euro Cup, the Uefa Champions League or the “Ballon d’Or”, and in some cases they have won more than one. The camp is a five to six days program and during the whole time our “Dieci Champions Coach” will be on the field with the kids. The first day of the program includes a video session with one of our Champion Coach showing some game’s actions from his most memorable matches, highlighting and explaining the technical and tactical details behind them. Then the action goes to the field where the Champion Coach sets drills and exercises to improve the player’s skills, practicing what they’ve just watched in video, and teaching all the secrets that made him the player he was. During the camp all the players are monitored with GPS devices, and the ITERPRO software allows our coaches to have immediate feedback about their performances and conditions so they can adjust the training process for every single player. At the end of the camp, after they receive a signed participation diploma, players can leave the Academy or they can join the other Academy’s programs.


30-Days to live and breathe the authentic professional soccer environment…

The “30 Days XP” allows players to live and breathe the authentic professional soccer environment for one month. These days will dramatically improve technique, tactical understanding and physical fitness. During the first week the players will work with “Dieci Champions Coach” as part of our “Dieci Champions Camp” program. The second week will be dedicated to physical training and all players will be tested and monitored by our coaches with the GPS devices that will then transmit all data to the ITERPRO. A tailor made program will then be released to every single player, and the work for the last two weeks will be based on these data, alternating technical/tactical sessions to physical/fitness sessions, under the guidance of our coaches to maximize their performance. This program is recommended for players who want to have a 30-days full immersion in a professional soccer environment, discovering what their strengths and weaknesses are, in order to know what to focus on for their growth.


Your professional career’s experience starts here…

What else to say? The title says it all. This is a six-months program including six “Dieci Champions Camp” with different “Dieci Champions Coach” which means that the players will have the chance to improve their skills learning from several different coaches.
They will have the chance to alternate defense/offense practices depending on the position that the “Dieci Champions Coach” used to play on the field. In fact, our “Dieci Champions Coach” will all be former players who played in different positions, from defense to midfield and of course attack, giving the kids the unique chance to learn all aspects of the game from the best players in the world. Aside from the “Dieci Champions Camp”,players are constantly followed  by our coaches, also during the games with their clubs, so they can have a custom training program regularly updated over the course of the season, scheduled and agreed with their team managers. They can join the Academy up to five days a week. Their performances are regularly monitored and studied with an automatic data feed system, the  ITERPRO, which takes the player analysis to the next level, highlighting their physical condition, setting targets for the next practices and picking up the most suitable drills for the training plan. This program is recommended for the players who want to step up in their soccer career with dramatic results in terms of technical and tactical skills’ improvement, as well as athletic condition and mental skills. This experience will turn the young players into authentic young PRO.


The importance of an individual session…

Individual and small group sessions are also available in our Academy. Players (accordingly with the dates they select) will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one private training session with a Fifa World Cup champion, a Uefa Champions League winner, A Uefa European Cup winner or a “Ballon d’Or” and/or or they will have the chance to do individual sessions with our coaches, who are either European top league’s former players or professional coaches that are still in charge of top clubs around the world. These clinics allow each player to receive individual feedback and instruction so they will be able to take their game to the next level. These individual sessions are important for three reasons:

  • Confidence building: The player gets more touches on the ball and completes more repetitions than they would in a group training session. Through repetitions they gain competency, which leads to comfort and ultimately to  increased confidence!
  • Individual focus: The instruction they receive is tailored to their specific needs, and they receive immediate, detailed, and direct feedback on their mechanics and technique.
  • Skill Mastery :During private training sessions, athletes tackle topics of their choosing. By working closely with our professional coaches they accelerate their mastery of technical skills, showing improvements already within the single session.

Needless to say how all the athletes will experience those benefits in our soccer programs, and will be thrilled with the learning and development that occurs in our group training. But for those who want to increase and intensify their development even more, bringing it to the next level, our recommendation is the  “Individual Clinics” program.


The best has yet to come…

This is a unique chance that our Academy gives to the best players who attended our soccer programs over the season. It doesn’t matter  how long they were part of our programs: if they were noticed by our coaches it means that they will have the chance to be noticed also by professional club’s scouting in Europe. In fact, at the end of our programs in May, our Academy will give the opportunity to the best players to be part of the “Dieci Champions Academy All Star” , traveling to Europe for a 15-days tour where they will play three games against the youth teams of several professional clubs in front of their scouting teams. This extension of the program also includes training sessions on site and the visit to the best Italian cities, museums and attractions. 


The “Dieci Champions Academy” is open to all the players from 6 years old and up. Personal custom programs are available for every age. No age restrictions. All skill levels are accepted.
We also offer special programs to the players who are preparing for tryouts at all levels and for amateur players of any age who want to improve their soccer skills.

Depending on the chosen package, every player will get full or part of the “Dieci Champions Academy” kit that includes:

  “Dieci Champions Academy” training kit  (training shirt, training shorts and socks)

  “Dieci Champions Academy” t-shirt.

  “Dieci Champions Academy” backpack.

  “Dieci Champions Academy” Participation Certificate*.

* All “Dieci Champions Camp” participation certificates will be hand signed by

  our “Dieci Champions Coaches”.   

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