The “Dieci Champions Academy” is the first soccer Academy in the world fully operated by former
professional players from the European major leagues, and coaches from professional top clubs.

Dream Big. Improve. Repeat.

The “Dieci Champions Academy” offers a one-of-a-kind soccer program, which is exclusively operated by former professional players and blends world-class coaching with a friendly and inviting traditional camp setting. The Academy is committed to guide young soccer players to discover their greatness on and off the pitch.
The goal of our Academy is to lead our kids through a totally new soccer program based on the training methods we experienced during our careers, making the real professional drills and training sessions available to our participants just like the PRO.
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The first soccer academy in the world with the exclusive “Iterpro” technology.

The “Dieci Champions Academy” method is without any doubt the best professional soccer program applied to a non-professional team. This is because of our innovative drills and players’ management, which are the same as the ones used by the top soccer clubs. Our staff, with the soccer legends who collaborate with our Academy, is made of coaches who are actually in charge of training programs for the most important teams in the world. 
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Around the world the “Dieci Champions Academy” provides young players an opportunity to develop and improve their technique and skills, all under the guidance of our coaching staff coming from professional teams around the world and soccer legends. Our “Dieci Champions Camp” is a one-of-a-kind soccer program that is operated by our “Dieci Champions Coaches”. In order to be eligible to become a “Dieci Champion Coach”, players must have won one or more trophies between the Fifa World Cup, the Uefa Euro Cup, the Uefa Champions League or the “Ballon d’Or”. The rest of the staff is instead made of former professional players and coaches who are still in charge of European top clubs. Beside the “Dieci Champions Camp” there are other soccer programs tailor made to the young players that want to improve their skills through a unique soccer method that let them live the experience of being a PRO.


Marco Materazzi – Dieci Champions Coach



–  Marco Esposito – 

Former professional “Serie A” player. He is the “Dieci Champions Academy” technical director and he is currently the coach in charge of the Italian team of A.C.Monza. He has a lot of experience with international top club’s camps and academies, since he has been previously in charge of the  Liverpool F.C. International Academy.

–  Cristian Stellini – 

Former professional “Serie A” player and now professional UEFA PRO coach. He has been the assistant coach of Antonio Conte since 2011, at first at Juventus F.C, and more recently at Internazionale F.C, where he just won the 2020/2021 Italian “Serie A” title right before joining Tottenham Hotspur F.C. in the English Premier  League in the season 2021/2022. He carries with him a lot of experience training and managing soccer legends like Alessandro Del Piero, Andrea Pirlo and nowadays Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane.

–  Cristian Zenoni – 

Former professional “Serie A” and Italy National team player. He played for top clubs such as A.C.Milan and F.C. Juventus and after representing the Italy National U-21 team he was capped at senior level for the Italy National Team. After his retirement as professional player, he became a professional coach. He carries a lot of experience with the youth teams of many professional clubs before he joined our Academy.

–  Mauro Apone – 

UEFA PRO professional strength and conditioning coach, currently working for the Italian team A.C.Monza. He is the “Dieci Champions Academy” head athletic coach, and he is responsible for the whole professional ITERPRO program.

–  Mavillo Gheller – 

Former professional player and now professional coach. After finishing his coaching experience at Novara Calcio, he is now ready for a new one in Las Vegas. He carries a lot of experience with the youth teams of many professional clubs and with their soccer Academies.

–  Daniel Minorelli – 

Former professional player in Italy, Germany and Brazil. After finishing his career he started working with the youth teams of Torino F.C. He carries a lot of experience with soccer Academies and camps since he runs and operates seven Torino F.C. academies in Brazil.


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–  Travis Koehlmoos – 

Las Vegas born and raised coach who reached the highest levels of USSF and NSCAA National licenses. He carries with him a lot of experience training and managing the best Nevada girls teams and he recently became 2021 Nevada State Cup Champion.

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