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“30-DAYS XP”- LAS VEGAS @Big League Dreams


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The "30-Days XP" program gives to our Champions a 30-days unlimited access to the Academy, up to 3 hours a day. They can join three different one-hour specific training sessions a day including shooting, ball control, strength and conditioning, technical sessions etc. Players can join one, two or three  training sessions a day, at their convenience. Their performances are regularly monitored and studied with an automatic data feed system, the  ITERPRO FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE, which takes the player analysis to the next level, highlighting the physical condition, setting targets for the next practices and picking up the most suitable drills for the training plan. This program is recommended for the players who want to step up in their soccer career with great improvements in terms of technical and tactical skills, as well as athletic condition and mental skills.

SAVE THE DATE :  Available from August 8th 2022 until May 26th 2023. This program is valid for 30 days of training sessions in a row  from the day of the subscription. For instance if a participant signs up on the 13th of  the month he is good to join the Academy until the 13th of the following month. Training sessions are from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 7pm.

VENUE: BIG LEAGUE DREAMS – 3151 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101


  • 30-days training program (3 hours a day)
  • Training and performance monitoring with ITERPRO FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE
  • Specific training sessions with our “Dieci Academy Coaches”
  • Annual "Dieci Champions Academy" membership that includes the following kit:
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” training kit (n.1 shirt – n.1 shorts – n.1 socks)
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” t-shirt
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” backpack
  • n.1  "Dieci Champions Academy" match ball

NOTE: please note that the kit above will be given exclusively once, as part of the "Dieci Champions Academy" annual membership. Following weekly or monthly programs will not include any kit.