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5-DAYS “TRY US” PROGRAM – LAS VEGAS – 01/31/2022 – 02/04/2022 @Big League Dreams


The 5-days “Try Us” program is a limited time special offer that allows our participants to discover our training methods and our Academy’s concept. Players work with different coaches, different drills and training sessions with an emphasis to the athletic condition and performance.  Through the GPS devices our coaches can monitor their training performances and right after the physical workloads, the ITERPRO allows them to have immediate feedback about the players’ conditions so they can custom adjust the training process, maximize the players’ performances and mitigate injury risks. 

SAVE THE DATE : JAN.31 FEB.1-2-3-4 ( 4pm – 7pm)

VENUE: BIG LEAGUE DREAMS – 3151 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101


  • 5-days training program (3 hours a day)
  • Training and performance monitoring with ITERPRO FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE
  • Specific training sessions with our “Dieci Academy Coaches”
  • Annual “Dieci Champions Academy” membership that includes the following kit:
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” training kit (n.1 shirt – n.1 shorts – n.1 socks)
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” t-shirt
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” backpack
  • n.1 “Dieci Champions Academy” match ball

NOTE: please note that the kit above will be given exclusively once, as part of the “Dieci Champions Academy” annual membership. Following weekly or monthly programs will not include any kit.