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BUFFON SCHOOL SUMMER CAMPS – LAS VEGAS – 06/19/2022 – 08/04/2022


To celebrate the opening of the permanent “Buffon School Las Vegas”, the most exclusive goalkeeper Academy in the world, belonging to the greatest goalkeeper of all time Gianluigi Buffon,  that will take place on August 7th 2023,  a limited number of goalkeepers will have the chance to attend the exclusive “Buffon School Summer Camps” from June 19th to August 4th for a special opening promo rate. The “Buffon School Summer Camps” are a 7-weeks intensive goalkeeper’s training program where participants train under the “Buffon Method” with avant-garde materials and improve their skills on the field and they learn the “Buffon School” cutting-edge technique under the guidance of the “B1 Coaches” coming from Italy and train at a PRO level. Participants will go from basic training to technical training, analyzing different fundamentals like the grip in different ways, jumping technique in didactic progression, aerial defense on lateral and frontal balls, footwork and reaction to different game situations. The “Buffon School” works with the best goalkeeper-specific sports equipment like the “Filippi Shield”, the “Filippi Push”, the Stealth deviator, the Reflexball, the Brix silhouette, the Ball Playning and the Ginga Wall. The “Buffon School Summer Camps” are the ideal opportunity to try the “Buffon Method” for 7 weeks that will be the exclusive method used by the “Buffon School Las Vegas” over the year. The “Buffon School Summer Camps” are limited to a very low number of goalkeepers and they have a special opening promo rate that includes up to 5 sessions a week of 1hr and a half each.  Participants can join the “Buffon School Summer Camps” as much as they can, even everyday, from Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 10.15am or from 10.15am to 11.45am. In order to guarantee the best practice to all the participants, the exact session to join will be set by our Italian “B1 Coaches” based on attendant’s age group and level, guaranteeing the 1:6 ratio. This special opening promo rate also includes a basic “Buffon School” kit. Due the low number of available slots this is a  “first come first served” basis package. 

SAVE THE DATE :  June 19th – August 4th – From Monday to Friday


Session #1: 8.45am – 10.15am

Session #2: 10.15am – 11.45am

VENUE: YMCA: 4141 Meadows Ln – Las Vegas – NV – 89107

ELIGIBILITY: Boys and girls 7+ years old

RATIO: 1 coach every 6 goalkeepers


  • 7 weeks of specific training sessions with our “B1 Coaches” coming from Italy
  • Up to 35 1hr, and a half sessions
  • n.1 “Buffon Academy” training shirt
  • n.1 “Buffon Academy” training shorts
  • n.1 “Buffon Academy” socks
  • n.1 “Buffon Academy” backpack
  • “Buffon School Summer Camps” participation diploma


  • Early bird price $649 (valid until May 31st 2023)
  • 4 Players group (10%)
  • 8 Players group (15%)
  • Siblings (10%)


  • “Buffon School Summer Camps” participants will get a 10% discount on the regular “Buffon School” season package.